It Rhymes With Lonliness

02 Apr

There is no unseen hand of fate

To guide us on our way,

The secret lies behind your eyes,

Following the day.

Like a twisted poison thorn,

Deeper, deeper in,

Turning round the bending bend

That never seems to end.

To never truly know the truth

I am led only to lies,

I may not yet be close to hate

But am on the doorstep of despise,

And perhaps there is no way to know

Or find a soul unspoiled,

But now I know that I

Can never trust a human mortal.

We see the path laid down ahead,

The maze-like, twisted spires,

So many fools, all running scared,

As they follow dark desires.

Perhaps no one ever can

Live a life devoid of sin

I suppose that I must accept,

There is no one way to win.

In a world of vice

And carnal wrongs,

And losses, deep and dark.

I find that I alone can live,

When betrayal hits its mark.

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Posted by on April 2, 2011 in Rhyming Poetry


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